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Home Purchase Planning

In the 3 most important financial decisions of your life, purchasing a home is one of them. Sometimes it can feel intimidating or overwhelming, unless you have someone you can trust. What sets me apart from all other real estate agents is I advise my clients as if it was a purchase I would make for myself. This goes all the way through the actual purchase, inspection and research into the property, etc. One small mistake could be a lifetime of regret, I make sure you've made a decision that works best for you and your future.

Real Estate Guidance

Having an experienced and capable real estate agent is invaluable, making sure you've made the right decision for yourself, your family or your business/investment. Knowledge is a great tool, but having a vision is a priceless tool. Bringing creative aspects, approaches and long term visions create not only long lasting purchases, but long lasting relationships. I value the relationships I build with people over the value of what it benefits me.

Loan / Mortgage Evaluation

As important as the purchase price of a real estate property, your interest rate on a loan can be even more important. Whether it's refinancing a home so you can pull money out to make improvements or other investments, or maybe it's in conjunction with a home purchase, our real estate office is a "direct lender" meaning we work with over 50 banks and can get you the best rate or beat any one else's rates. There are less than 50 direct lenders in California, we're one of them.

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